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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Vengeance of the Unformed Children

Once in every four weeks or so, Mother Nature unleashes a bloodthirsty monster into my body. I feel its wicked grin spreading as the beast whips its deformed head around the cramped space, thrashings its limbs all over the place. For the next consecutive days, it stretches my walls as far as it could, and squeezes tightly for every drop of blood I have to offer.

Once in every four weeks or so, all I want to do is curl up into a ball and hibernate through the following days. I toss and turn in sleepless nights, moaning and groaning. In my search for relief, my body twists in insane positions, my hands twitching to claw a hole into my stomach to dig the monster out, my throat burns with the need to regurgitate, but the monster is too far deep that only bile manages to rise to the surface. It cackles at my futile attempts and takes its own sweet time traveling down my body, igniting pain in its path.

Once in every four weeks or so, I behest a relief unit into my system. They travel in protective capsules that release them only when they have penetrated deep enough to make contact with the contracting muscles within me burning with pain. They slowly spread over the area, caressing my walls as they pass, soothing my body into a numbed state and effectively sedating the monster. It is only temporary, and it does not erase the pain completely, but it is enough to last me until at last, the mutant is expelled from my body in a quiet and pathetic anti-climatic defeat. I know another will grow inside of me to take its place in another four weeks or so; but for now, I have the last laugh.

Once in every four weeks or so, Mother Nature unleashes a bloodthirsty monster into my body. It wreaks havoc inside of me with incessant succession. The vengeance of my unborn babies happens once every four weeks or so, according to nature's cycle. Its name is 'Menstruation'.

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