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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


A piece of advice to all mothers out there:


Nope, never, nuh-uh.

Take today for example:
There I was, sitting and waiting, wanting to bathe the cats and take a bath along with them. But then, there my grandmother also was, and guess what? She began nagging.

It went like this;

Nagging Grandmother: Take a bath.
Me(thinking): Yeah, right. Later.
Nagging Grandmother: Take a bath.
Me: Uh-huh.
Nagging Grandmother: Take a bath.
Me(thinking): That's it. I won't take a bathe anymore. Jeez, what a nag.

Yeah, I know. A bit mean, but most likely, all your naggings would end up like that.

Keep in mind: Teenagers love to think for themselves. They want to do things because they decide to and not because they were told to. If, for example, you do nag them. The things that would be going on in the mind of the teenager would be, "If I do that, I would look like a robot, so never mind." or "I would've done that, but not anymore since she told me to do that." Teenagers want to think, "Well done (insert name here), you decided to do it, and you did!" not "Well done (insert name here), you decided to do it and you did!...even though, well, your grandmother told you to." That wouldn't sound like doing things because you decided to anymore. That would definitely sound like you were doing things because you were told to do this. And teenagers DON'T want to be told to do this. They want to do that THEMSELVES. Because THEY decided to do it. They DON'T want some other person making their decisions for them. They want INDEPENDENCE and TRUST. And CONTROL over their OWN life.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Blog

I know what you're thinking. 'Oh no! Klaye's at it again! She already has two blogs that aren't updated as much and now she's making a new one! *insert shocked face here*' But no! The reason I made this is because Dare Klaye takes up too much time, A Child's Innocence is hard for me to relate to and I think this will be a perfect personal diary...I mean, online diary. So, if you think you can bear the rants of a teenager without your ears falling out, be my guest and continue on reading. :)

Welcome to the world of me.

My mind, my opinions, my way.
Get ready for ear-splitting rants of the complications of a teenager.

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